• Sandra Ung Stands With Working People 




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    For families:

    Sandra is a dedicated advocate for families. She has continuously fought for the rights of women, children, and caregivers. Sandra secured millions for District 20 schools and will continue to fight for improved access to vital services like paid family leave, childcare, afterschool programs, senior centers, and healthcare.


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    On diversity and acessibility, especially for immigrants:

    Sandra is a dedicated advocate for diversity. Whether it’s a restaurant trying to understand health codes, a voter trying to cast an absentee ballot or a parent putting their child in school, Sandra will prioritize translation and outreach to all of our communities by securing bilingual staff for government agencies and increasing government outreach for all New Yorkers. Sandra's legislation strengthened language access for small businesses, enhanced government assistance in multiple languages, and clarified translated materials for ranked-choice voting.

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    For small businesses:

    Sandra is a dedicated advocate for small businesses. She will continue to work to establish multilingual Special Liaisons in NYC Small Business Services, host critical legal and business seminars, and expand MWBE programs to help businesses access government contracts.

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    Sandra Ung

    Democrat for City Council

    District 20

    Sandra Ung is a proven champion for Queens, drawing strength from her diverse background. Born in Cambodia and raised in Taiwan, Sandra and her family made New York City their home when she was just 7 years old, fostering a deep-rooted connection to her community. Her journey led her to graduate from Columbia Law School, launching a career dedicated to advocacy and meaningful change.


    Even before her election, Sandra was deeply immersed in roles focused on serving immigrants, empowering women, and advocating for greater diversity in politics. Her firsthand experience as an immigrant woman growing up in New York has fueled her unwavering commitment to protecting the needs of Queens’ diverse population