• Jessica Scarcella-Spanton For Safe Affordable Communities

  • In order for New York City to thrive, we need safe, affordable neighborhoods. Jessica Scarcella-Spanton will deliver.

    We need to elect real champions for working people in the Democratic primary elections on August 23rd. We need to know that the leaders we send to Albany will have our backs on issues like:

    • Prioritizing safe, affordable communities
    • Standing with workers
    • Supporting our economy


    The New York City District Council of Carpenters – representing over 20,000 of the workers who help to build New York City every day – has endorsed candidates who have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the labor movement. Electing them will help protect the rights and interests of all working New Yorkers.

  • Jessica Scarcella-Spanton

    Democrat for State Senate District 23

    Jessica Scarcella-Spanton has spent her career standing up for women, families, and workers. She is a tested and effective leader who has earned the overwhelming support of people and organizations we trust and keep us safe. As deputy chief of staff to Senator Savino, Scarcella-Spanton helped secure funding for programs to reduce gun violence and keep our communities. As a State Senator, she will continue to fight for safe, affordable communities, support local and small businesses, and stand with workers.


    Public Safety & Investing in Social Services


    Jessica will prioritize public safety in a way that ensures justice and accountability. She is committed to addressing the rise of violent crime, stopping gun violence at its source, and making sure that people feel safe in their communities.




    Jessica will advocate for expedited repairs and infrastructure improvements for New York residents. She will work to increase affordable housing across the state and expand incentives for first time homebuyers.


    Small Businesses


    Jessica believes that small businesses are the backbone of local communities. She will work to streamline the process of opening a business in New York and ensure that everyone has the resources to be successful.


    Labor & Workers Right


    The daughter of retired union members, Jessica knows firsthand how fair wages; solid benefits and a good pension can build the middle class and create generational wealth. As a State Senator, she will continue to support unions and work to expand the right to organize.


    As a result of redistricting, New York will have two primary elections this year. The first election, which was on June 28th, included the races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller, state assembly, and the U.S. Senate.


    The second primary election, which will be on August 23rd includes congressional and state senate candidates.


    Mon, August 8, 2022: Absentee ballot request deadline (online)


    Sat, August 13, 2022 - Sun, August 21, 2022: Early Voting


    Tue, August 23, 2022: Primary Election Day



    Please click here to find your polling site.