• Nathalia Fernandez Stands For Safe Affordable Communities

  • In order for New York City to thrive, we need safe, affordable neighborhoods. Nathalia Fernandez will deliver.

    We need to elect real champions for working people in the Democratic primary elections on August 23rd. We need to know that the leaders we send to Albany will have our backs on issues like:

    • Prioritizing safe, affordable communities
    • Standing with workers
    • Supporting our economy


    The New York City District Council of Carpenters – representing over 20,000 of the workers who help to build New York City every day – has endorsed candidates who have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the labor movement. Electing them will help protect the rights and interests of all working New Yorkers.

  • Nathalia Fernandez

    Democrat for State Senate District 34

    Nathalia has spent years successfully fighting for change in Albany as our Assembly member, focusing on creating good jobs, improving transportation, and making our streets and communities safe. As an Assemblywoman, Nathalia kept her community strong during the pandemic. As a State Senator, she will continue to fight for safe, affordable communities, support local and small businesses, and stand with workers.




    Nathalia knows the importance of having a reliable and resilient transportation system. She is committed to increasing ferry accessibility, modernizing public streets and increasing transit access.


    Small Businesses


    Nathalia has a long history of support for small businesses, and she will continue to be an advocate as a State Senator. Nathalia will work to uplift minority and women-owned businesses, address high property taxes and direct public safety to support local businesses.


    Safety & Security


    As a State Senator, Nathalia will advocate for polices and initiatives to create a safe and secure New York. She will advocate to ensure that police are capable of effectively doing their jobs, prioritize violence intervention programs and combat sexual harassment.

    Thriving Communities


    Nathalia is committed to ensuring that communities have the necessary support to thrive and support their residents. She will work to increase technology resources, support early and higher education, provide multilingual resources and expand mental health services.


    As a result of redistricting, New York will have two primary elections this year. The first election, which was on June 28th, included the races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller, state assembly, and the U.S. Senate.


    The second primary election, which will be on August 23rd includes congressional and state senate candidates.


    Mon, August 8, 2022: Absentee ballot request deadline (online)


    Sat, August 13, 2022 - Sun, August 21, 2022: Early Voting


    Tue, August 23, 2022: Primary Election Day



    Please click here to find your polling site.