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  • As we recover from COVID-19, protecting New York City’s workers is more important than ever before. The New York City District Council of Carpenters – representing over 20,000 of the workers who build NYC – has endorsed in several key City Council races critical to charting our future.


    These candidates have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the labor movement. Electing them will help protect the rights and interests of all working New Yorkers.

    Erik Bottcher

    Jason Clark

    Crystal Hudson

    Ranti Ogunleye

  • Erik Bottcher
    3rd Council District - Manhattan


    Erik Bottcher represents the best of New York City’s public servants. Combined with his unparalleled experience on both the state and city level as Speaker Corey Johnson’s Chief of Staff, Bottcher is the best choice for NYC’s 3rd District.



    As a lifelong tenant activist, Erik believes housing is a human right,

    and will fight to keep individuals and families in their homes by extending the state’s eviction moratorium, preserving NYCHA, and expanding legal representation for residents facing eviction.


    Erik knows small businesses are the backbone of the economy and will fight to make sure they are not left out of COVID-19 recovery efforts. He supports the creation of a voluntary retirement savings program to help employees save for retirement.


    Erik believes that we must modernize and transform the city’s mass transit and subway systems to be faster, more accessible, more affordable, and green.


    Erik has been a lifelong advocate for more investment in public schools that directly benefit students through smaller class sizes, access to free after-school programs and tutoring, art, music, and health programs, and modern technology in classrooms.

  • Jason Myles Clark
    27th Council District - Queens


    As an attorney, Jason Clark has spent his career looking out for the people, not the powerful. Clark is committed to protecting worker rights, revitalizing small businesses, eliminating systemic disparities and inequities, increasing options for public transportation, and aiding in COVID-19 recovery.




    Jason will advocate for strict penalties for employers who pay their workers unlawfully low wages. He will fight for safety protocols to remain in place as the city reopens, including adequate access to PPE.



    Jason will work to ensure that southeast Queens is no longer a transportation desert, fighting for expanded bus and train service and to install protected bike lanes across the district. He’ll oppose MTA’s service reductions and work to reduce alternate-side parking rules.


    Jason is committed to protecting hardworking homeowners and renters

    from predatory housing and renting practices. He’ll fight for legislation to prevent predatory lending, redlining, and deed theft, as well as to prevent renters in arrears from being illegally evicted.



    Jason believes healthcare is a human right and will fight to protect and expand New Yorkers’ access to quality, affordable healthcare, including ensuring that healthcare is never denied simply due to citizenship status.

  • Crystal Hudson
    35th Council District - Brooklyn


    Crystal Hudson understands the struggles and challenges of the people she represents because she has lived them too. Crystal has spent her entire career advocating for a safer, more inclusive, and more just New York City.




    Crystal believes New Yorkers deserve a true living wage, a paycheck guarantee, and protections from persistent inequities like gender pay disparity, employer surveillance, or discrimination. And she knows we must work hard to ensure all who want to form a union can do so without employer interference.



    Crystal believes housing is a human right and will use the New York City Council’s jurisdiction over zoning land use - one of its most important roles - to dramatically increase the City’s investment in housing. She will also work to strengthen tenant protections by preventing evictions, eliminating landlords’ ability to pass capital improvement costs on to tenants, and actually enforcing laws already on the books to protect tenants.



    Crystal will work to expand bike lanes, reform street parking, and advocate for municipal control of New York City Transit. She’ll fight for continued investment in all forms of transportation to make up for decades of underinvestment.



    Crystal knows that emerging safely and equitably from the COVID-19 pandemic will require a revolutionary approach to the city’s policies to ensure equitable healthcare access, real affordable housing, quality education for all kids, and support for small businesses.

  • Ranti Ogunleye
    49th Council District - Staten Island


    Ranti Ogunleye is an educator, not a politician. He is a community leader we can trust to create better schools, improve traffic, and ensure a safer North Shore of Staten Island for all residents.




    Ranti will work to restore the North Shore’s historic waterfront communities by creating a rezoning and development plan to benefit residents, not tourists. He’ll advocate for job training programs for fast growing occupations, support small businesses through the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, and establish a small business recovery fund to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19.



    Staten Island residents continue to suffer one of the longest commutes in the country; more than one-third of residents commute over an hour to work each way. Ranti will fight for a more equitable transportation plan for the North Shore, including expanded transportation options such as the North Shore BRT, light rail, and streetcar options; building an expanded network of dedicated bike lanes; and developing dedicated bus-only lanes.



    Ranti will work to increase affordable housing developments with needed community assets, strengthen the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program to ensure affordable developments, and strengthen the ULURP process to receivecommunity input.



    More than one out of every ten adults on the North Shore do not have access to healthcare. Ranti will advocate for the first NYC H+H Public Hospital to be built in the North Shore. He’ll support the development of culturally competent birthing centers, accessible clinics, and mental health facilities throughout the North Shore. And he’ll increase the number of healthcare providers that accept insurance carried by many residents.

  • OPPOSED: Jimmy Van Bramer
    For Queens Borough President


    Additionally, we OPPOSE JIMMY VAN BRAMER for Queens Borough President.

    There are enough anti-jobs and anti-labor elected officials in this country – we

    do not need one in Queens Borough Hall!


    Jimmy Van Bramer is a run-of-the-mill politician who will not fight for New Yorkers. His opposition to Amazon robbed New Yorkers of billions of dollars of investments for better schools, transportation, and housing.